Assisted Claim



  • Disputes with builders over the scope of works required to remedy major defects and related matters.


  • Disputes with warranty providers.


  • Claims for cost of works and/or compensation for distress and inconvenience and loss of use or enjoyment of the home.

Core Services

Our core dispute resolution services to buyers of new build homes are:


  • Small Claims Service - a cost effective solicitor-led service for claims for cost of works and/or compensation up to a maximum claim value of £10,000.
  • Group actions - where multiple purchasers share a common interest (e.g. same defects affecting multiple properties; defects to common parts in blocks of leasehold flats etc.), we may be able to act for multiple owners, which can offer potentially huge benefits in terms of reduced per-owner funding costs and other compelling advantages over individual actions.
  • Legal defects - services relating to non-construction issues such as title plan errors and related boundary disputes, misrepresentations on part exchange offers, correcting inadequate provisions for collective maintenance and service charge obligations etc.

To find out more about how we may be able to assist you with your particular new-build issue, please contact us now.

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