Keeping records


Because things can and do go wrong and when they do it is up to you, the homebuyer, to do something about it. No records, no fix (possibly).


So, keep records. It makes it much easier to sort things out later on, if it turns out they need sorting out.


Buying a new build home is a process. Your record keeping should reflect this. Here is a summary of the main stages and the kind of things you should be filing away for possible future reference:


1.  Site visits: site layout plans; marketing brochures; descriptions of plots you are interested in; room size measurements and specifications; photos of any other plans and other information on display in the site sales office that you cannot away take copies of.


2.  Reserving a plot/home: the Reservation Agreement; anything that describes the size, shape, layout and specification of your reserved plot/home; notes of significant assurances or promises your sales representative makes to you before signing up; estimates of service charge and ground rents; verbal or written time estimates for completion of the whole site; notes of assurances regarding the possibility (or otherwise) of site layout and density changes after you commit; the name(s) of sales representatives you speak to, as this could add credibility to your story if they promise things you don't then get.


3.  Buying: your conveyancing solicitor will keep most of your records for the purchase but keep copies of technical plans and drawings showing detailed room layouts, sizes, positions of sockets and services, written specifications for all fittings and furnishings etc, and a copy of your sale contract.


4.  Moving in: a complete photographic record of your new home on or shortly after moving in (inside and out).


5.  Defects rectification: keep a complete record including photos where useful of all snags and defects you report to your builder, and what has been done about them.

If you find anything more than minor defects, give serious consideration to obtaining a defects report from a chartered surveyor.  We can help you find and instruct a suitable surveyor if you wish - please contact us for more information.

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