Subject Access Requests

If you are having issues with your builder over getting defects (particularly major ones) put right, or you are considering pursuing action against your builder, a useful first step may be to submit a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act 1998.


There is a lot of information available online about what a Subject Access is and how you go about making one, so if you have not heard of these before, you will be able to find out what you need to about them by doing a simple web search.


You will also have no difficulty in finding a precedent letter online to send to your builder when making your Subject Access Request.  However, for your convenience, please feel free to use our suggested format below (just copy and paste into your own Word document or email and edit the sections highlighted in yellow as necessary).


If your property is co-owned, we would suggest you send a separate cheque for £10 per owner.  The builder might (should) only cash one cheque and deal with the request as a single one, but if you send a single cheque the builder might delay dealing with your request by returning the cheque on the basis that it is for the wrong amount (it happens).  You will avoid this if you send separate cheques for £10 for each owner.



Data Protection Officer

Name of builder

Address of builder



Your name[s]

Your address







Dear Sir/Madam


Property: Your address

Name[s]: Your name(s) (include names of all co-owner(s) if the property is jointly owned)

Subject Access Request under Data Protection Act 1998


I/We wish to make a Subject Access Request for a copy of all information about me/us to which I am/we are entitled under section 7(1) Data Protection Act 1998.


Please send us copies of all relevant information, in an appropriate format.


I/We enclose a cheque for £10 [for each person making the request], payable to [name of builder], in respect of the maximum fee chargeable by you for complying with this request.


If you require any further information in order to process my/our Subject Access Request, please let me/us know by return.


I/we look forward to hearing from you within the 40 day statutory period for complying with my/our request.


Yours faithfully





Enc:        Cheque(s)

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