Technical building standards

Builders have to follow rules about how they build houses. There are various sources of these rules, but the main ones for new homes in the UK are:


  1. Building Regulations: These are published by the government (Department for Communities & Local Government). These are mandatory for all new homes.
  2. NHBC Standards: NHBC (the biggest new home warranty provider) has lots of their own rules in addition to Building Regulations. These apply to builders who offer NHBC warranties with their new homes (over 80% of new homes have NHBC Warranties).
  3. Premier Technical Manual: like NHBC Standards, but from Premier Guarantee (another new home warranty provider). These apply to builders who offer Premier warranties with their new homes.


Building Regulations are the main ones. Where additional requirements apply – e.g. if the builder is offering NHBC or Premier warranties – these tend to either mirror, or define more precisely, the Building Regulations requirements. They may add extra requirements too.


If your house has defects that concern technical aspects of its construction – e.g. the requirement to lay sewers with a particular gradient, or to build floors in a particular way to ensure they don’t squeak or drop, or the requirement to achieve a minimum level of noise suppression between properties, a surveyor would be able to advise you on the technical aspects and what the appropriate remedial solution would be.  A surveyor may be able to assist you in negotiations with the builder to agree a suitable scope of works by reference to the applicable building standards, to ensure you get a comprehensive fix and are not at risk of needing further works carrying out later on.

If you are unable to agree a suitable scope of works with your builder for more substantial technical works, please contact us to see if we can assist you further.

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