Snagging Survey

We recommend that, as soon as possible after you move in (or before if your builder will allow a pre-completion inspection), you instruct a surveyor to inspect your home and prepare a defects report identifying all snags and defects.


There would be a cost associated with obtaining a survey report but we consider it likely there will be value in doing so:

  • The survey report may carry more weight than if you notify the builder of things yourself, and make it more likely to get remedial works done.
  • The surveyor may identify things you might miss.
  • The suveyor should be able to identify what Building Regulation, NHBC Technical Standard or other contractual build standard has been breached (important to being able to enforce your rights) and help you assess the adequacy of the builder's proposed remedial solution.
  • If the builder fails or refuses to do a reasonable scope of works in a reasonable time or manner, a survey report will make it easier and quicker for you to claim on your warranty or via the courts.
  • The cost of the survey report can often be claimed back from your builder - for more information please contact us.

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