Group actions

What is a group claim?


If you and others on your development have a claim against the developer in relation to defects in your homes, you have the option of taking group action against the developer.


Wingrove Law specialises in and has extensive experience of advising groups of new build homeowners in claims against housebuilders.


The benefits and advantages of group claims over individual legal action may be the difference for many new build homeowners between doing something or nothing over unresolved defects and related issues. This format can be especially helpful for leaseholders seeking to deal with common parts defects for which liability would otherwise accrue to them under the maintenance/service charge arrangements in their leases.


Advantages of group claims compared to going it alone

  • Improved affordability through scales of efficiency and sharing of common costs.
  • Substantially reduced per-household funding costs.
  • Stronger bargaining position for negotiating agreed outcomes.
  • Support and encouragement from fellow claimants.

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We are happy to arrange video conference calls if you wish to have group discussions with other owners from your development.

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